Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hi and bye

Wow, it's been over a month since I've posted anything here. Fred says I should pack it in and just close this blog up. Part of me thinks that's not such a bad idea, but I'd hate to lose all the stuff I've posted here and I'm just too lazy busy to go and copy it all. So what has been keeping me from doing the political blogging thing these days? Well for one I am completely burnt out on politics. I still follow it and there have been things lately that have angered me (pretty much anything coming out of the White House), thrilled me (Joe Lieberman being bitchslapped accross Connecticut for being a Bush stooge), relieved me (no flag burning amendment this time, fuckers!) and filled me with schadenfreude (so long, Kenny Boy). But I'm just not finding myself giving enough of a shit to warrant writing about it. ALso, my new job does not afford me the luxury of daily hours of slack time. The upside of being very busy all the time at work is that there's less boredom. The downside is not being able to keep up with a lot of things. By the time I get home, I've got about an hour before we put the baby to bed and I wouldn't trade that time for anything in the world. And by the time she's in bed, dinner is eaten and housework is done, all I really want to do is veg the fuck out.

So don't expect a whole lot from this blog. I may post something randomly from time to time, or not. I don't see any point in taking it down, so I'll be leaving it up just for people who are doing searches for things like "Ann Coulter Fanfic" or "Bush Aristorcrats."

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

They Obviously Forgot the Rules

So apparently a bunch of silicon valley geeks have started up their own Fight Club. They seem to have the right idea but there are a couple of things definitely wrong with how they're going about it. First and foremost is that the first and second rules of Fight Club are that YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB! That includes talking to the press, guys. And what's with the use of foreign objects? And if you've gone and blabbed to the press about Fight Club, how the hell is it going to be able to morph into Operation Mayhem? Now the first time somebody rolls a piece of corporate artwork through a Starbucks window or splices frames of porn between reels at the movies, or blows up a smiley face pattern on a building somewhere, the cops are going to come straight to the guys in this article.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The Smartest Guy Ever to Pull a Prison Yard Train

The title of this post was taken from a post in the metafilter thread about a couple of scumbag corporate criminals who finally got handed down a guilty verdict. Yep, George Bush's good pal Kenny Boy is going down, probably in more ways than one. The cynic in me figured he'd somehow manage to buy his way out of this one, but apparently it was his own testimony that did him in. Of course, this will go through several rounds of appeals, and by the time Bush pays him back for lending him that private jet to go campaigning with by giving him that last minute pardon, he might not have been raped in the shower yet, let alone had to spend one night in prison.

Also amusing... just how fucking dumb are the sort of people who would defend the likes of Tom DeLay? This fucking dumb!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Not in a political mood today

Yeah, BushCheneyCorp still sucks and all, and there are new examples of their suckitude in the news every single day, but I think today's post is going to focus more on the San Francisco and not so much on the liberal. The SF Weekly's Best of San Francisco issue just came out. It's full of great ideas for places to go and things to do. Here's one I'd like to invite the Mormon side of the family to! Here's where I've found great material for this blog. Here's something I've done for fun a few times. And here's something I'd like to do after a little bit of training.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Blog Renter

Let's all give a warm San Francisco Liberal welcome to my latest blog renter, Shooting in the Dark. According to his blog description, his blog "represents the random thoughts of a man who is beginning to move slightly to the other side of the fulcrum of life. Middle-aged crazy with responsibilities..." Since I don't have time to post about Bush's little play to the loonie base last night, here's what my new tennant has to say about it:
After saying that his greatest moment as President was catching a really big fish, President Bush continued that theme today by introducing his new Immigration Policy and declaring an end to "Catch and Release"....

The Feckless Leader also mentioned one alternative for illegal immigrants....come to America, get "deported to Iraq" and then become a citizen. Bush cited one soldier who came to this Country illegally, went to War and was seriously injured. Bush was "proud" to stand next to this soldier who had so valiantly "defended" a Country that he longed to join as this soldier claimed his citizenship.

Immediately, Lou Dobbs called Bush's plan Amnesty and ridiculed the placement of National Guard troops on the border to assist border patrol agents with everything but enforcement measures. This after President Bush gutted the Border Patrol in budget cuts.

Somebody call a taxidermist.
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Friday, May 12, 2006

Reason # 5,489,652 why the religious right sucks

It is absolutely not an exageration to refer to the religious right as the American Taliban. These people want America governed by their narrow religious beliefs, they have a very tight grip on the republican party, they use the language and ideas of fascism (salon link - you'll have to watch an ad), even having their own youth branch.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What are you doing on 6/6/06?

Anyone who has watched The Omen, listened to Iron Maiden, or taken the book of revelations a bit too seriously knows that the number 666 is the mark of the anti-christ. Only once each thousand years does the date 6/6/06 happen, and ours is less than a month away. While nothing significantly evil happened (that we know of) on 6/6/1006, this year people are abuzz over what this ominous date might bring. Expectant mothers due around then are in a panic, wingnuts are crawling out of the woodwork, Hollywood is proving it has completely run out of ideas because they're releasing the re-make of The Omen that day, Ilsa - She Wolf of the GOP is releasing her latest work of literary vomit that day... but there's still reason to celebrate. 6/6/06 is the NATIONAL DAY OF SLAYER!!! This is the day to celebrate the greatest Satanic speed metal band of all time by blaring their blistering thrash all day long at top volume. I for one am planning on seeing how long I can get away with listening to them at work.