Thursday, July 28, 2005

Always Up to No Good

So a few days ago I blogged about Rupert Murdoch's recent acquisition of MySpace. This prompted me to create a myspace profile for Bill O'Reilly. I found the sleaziest photoshop job of that moron that I could find, and put up some sarcastic personal profile bits. That got a few chuckles over here, but why settle for a few chuckles when there is more trouble to be made? So now Bill has a blog too, and I'm waiting for it to be accepted into Blog Explosion to give it some serious traffic. Bill is also trying to make some friends, both with "good" conservatives, like the right wing Alabama ska band, Evil Right Wing Conspiracy and the man himself, as well as with a bevy of young hotties who can give him those falafel massages he so craves. Bill is also joining some groups to either praise his conservative brethren for being fair and balanced, or to scream at liberals to "Shut up." Is this the most mature thing that I could be wasting my time with? Hells no! Is it fun? Fuck yeah! If you are a myspace user and you're reading this, please add Bill to your friends. He's awfully lonely there with just the guy who runs myspace and some teenage girl from Alabama as his friends. Also please feel free to drop some suggestions in the comments on new and exciting ways for Bill O'Reilly to run amok on MySpace.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're the Moron.

7/28/2005 10:29:00 AM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Wow, an anonymous three word comment! If I had to guess, you're from that site that is demanding more racial profiling and hates the ACLU. Whoever you are, you're a fucking pussy for posting anonymously.

7/28/2005 11:01:00 AM  
Blogger Der Tommissar said...

Weel, so long as you're off the streets, rock on.

7/28/2005 01:03:00 PM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

I'm on the streets and rocking on thankyouverymuch!

7/28/2005 01:12:00 PM  
Blogger Silent Bob said...

The ACLU sucks.
They keep fighting for individual rights while the rights of the corporations are dwindling away!
One day, hopefully a long-time from now but one day these ACLU freaks are going to give the people so many personal rights that we won’t be able to pollute the air and water.

Who wants to live in a world like that?

What’s next we’ll be asked to pay our fair share of taxes and our executive will have to stop insider trading?

We need to rid ourselves of the ACLU so people will stop thinking they have rights and can finally see that the real God is the corporation.
What is good for the corporation is good. What hurts the corporation hurts all of us.

Ahhhhhhhhh. I feel better already!

Ok, everybody now. Come on anonymous sing it with me.



7/29/2005 08:36:00 AM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Shut the fuck up, Silent Bob! You think just because you don't talk too much that whenever you open your mouth that it's some profound shit? Oh wait a second, that was actually great! Rock on, Silent Bob.

7/29/2005 09:59:00 AM  
Blogger Silent Bob said...

Glad you like it, I like your blog.

I let out a typical right-wing rant on your “A Parade of Asshattery” post.
I needed to shower afterwards I felt so dirty.

I wonder if anyone thinks it’s a serious post and really thinks Iraq bombed Pearl Harbor?

Have you checked out my Sheeple blog lately?

If you want I can put your site up as a link.

7/29/2005 10:20:00 AM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

I think everybody knows that it was the Germans who bombed Pearl Harbor! I haven't checked that blog out, but I definitely will. And I'll get you blogrolled as soon as I get a blogroll set up on here. I'm having way too much fun fucking around on MySpace as O'Reilly!

7/29/2005 10:40:00 AM  
Anonymous Greyangel said...


I'm pseudo-Bill's MySpace 'friend'.
I feel excluded.

Still, it is great fun reading your bulletins, emails, and hopefully soon, your group posts.

Best to you, you naughty left-wing, bay area guy.

[Middle-wing (dorsal-finned?), gun-freak, Christian Dyke]

8/01/2005 09:34:00 AM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Grey Angel, I would guess that you'd be considered a bomb throwing anarchist being just middle wing in Florida. Thanks for playing along with the O'Reilly bit over there. You definitely help make it more fun. Sometimes I have to take a shower after posting as Bill! But no falafel things in the shower for me.

8/03/2005 10:35:00 AM  

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