Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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There are a few things of interest in my quick scan of the headlines today. In terms of federal appointees, Bush doesn't like to release any papers that might show how bad his nominees might be. In the case of the wildly mustachioed Michael John Bolton, he's once again considering a recess appointment. And in the case of Bob John Roberts, he's just flat out refusing to release some of his papers. That's pretty ironic coming from the administration who sold us the Patriot Act based on the logic of "if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't worry about losing your privacy," but then again, this administration is nothing if not ironic.

And while Karl Rove still remains a free man, Americans continue to die because Bush lied about Iraq, millions of Americans are going without adequate health coverage and American workers are losing their jobs daily to outsourcing, our leaders are focusing on REALLY important issues like a hidden sex scene in a video game! Way to go, congress! Thank you so much for protecting us from video game sex which was harder to find than internet porn.

In good news, Senator pRick Santorum has ruled out running for president in 2008 while Pennsylvanians are contemplating ruling out re-electing his sanctimonious ass for another term. What will this great Christian Crusader do with all the free time he has once he loses his job? Perhaps he'll hit some chat rooms.

And lastly, here's an article (it's Salon, so you'll have to watch a quick ad first) about a congressional special election in Ohio where an Iraq War vet is going up against yet another chicknehawk republican who tells him that she commends him for his service but thinks he should "stand with the president" by "supporting the Iraqi war effort and our troops that are over there," to which he responds "The only way I know how to support the troops is by going over there. All the chicken hawks back here who said, 'Oh, Iraq is talking bad about us. They're going to threaten us' -- look, if you really believe that, you leave your wife and three kids and go sign up for the Army or Marines and go over there and fight. Otherwise, shut your mouth." I really hope this guy gets in. Congress needs this kind of kick in the ass from somebody who was there. But expect the chickenhawks to smear him John Kerry or Max Cleland style. There's nothing that makes them look worse than a guy who was there and knows that it's bullshit, so they'll be sure to trash him badly.


Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

I left my heart in San Fransisco.......It's good to see the word "liberal" in large print! Great site.

Bolton is a member of PNAC, the neocon think-tank that took us into this war.

The dwindling job market and lack of health care will soon make the military the only employer with benefits.

Keep up the fight, it's gong to take a lot of us to beat this fascist regime.

7/26/2005 12:43:00 PM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Thanks KWW. I just moved from the belly of the beast (Washington, DC) to San Francisco 2 years ago, and I do love it here! Besides all the cool stuff to do, the vibrant arts scene, the easy access to really good pot and the general cool vibe, the reaction that I get from these rightwingnuts when they hear that I live here is priceless!

I don't know how much this little blog will help fight the piggies who are currently running the show, but I hope it at least entertains the troops doing the real fighting!

7/26/2005 02:16:00 PM  
Blogger Der Tommissar said...

In good news, Senator pRick Santorum has ruled out running for president in 2008

You laugh, I mourn. So the larger question becomes, if we ever met and shook hands, would we both blink out of existence?

7/28/2005 01:05:00 PM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Oh, don't worry. Just because old Rick is leaving the Senate, that doesn't mean he's going away. I'm sure there's some far right think tank that would love to hire a high profile bigot like him. Think of his time as a Senator as paying his dues along the way to a long and lucrative career as a professional homophobe in the private sector.

7/28/2005 01:15:00 PM  

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