Monday, July 25, 2005

Will no one rid me of this troublesome administration?

So, let's just do a quick recap of Republican fuckheadedness.

When being asked about how he would vote on abortion, Judge Roberts said he would recuse himself.

Oh, that makes it much better. We get to trust that this guy, who has been judge a whopping two whole years, is going to go, "Oh, uh...hmm. Kinda don't like this whole abortion thing, so I'm just gonna chill in the back and play my PSP while you guys decide. Because you know, inflicting my own personal views on the United States, I won't do that. Honestly."

Yeah, just like Ashcroft wouldn't, but just happened to find the exposed tit of Justice too much for his bleached libido.

When asked about his membership in the GOD DAMNED FEDERALIST SOCIETY, Roberts said, "..."

Um...hello? Do you think you get to say nothing? Do you think that the panel is just going to think, "Huh. He, uh...he isn't answering the question. At all. That shows us complete disrespect. I like that! He has moxy! We'll make you Chief Justice!"

Then there's Attorney General Gonzales, who, when the investigation into the Plame affair was launched (he was white house counsel at the time), waited a full TWELVE HOURS before "notifying" the White House of the investigation. Quotations mine. This, of course, gives him all the time in the world to unofficially tell them, "Hey, guys, start shredding! The jig is up!"

So, like, is it just me, or are we taking our love of nostalgia and kitsch way too far, by having a whole cool retro '70s administration that does illegal stuff and thinks they're above the law? Hey, I got an idea, let's launch an investigation and impeach them! We can broadcast the whole thing on Vh1 as part of their "Best Week Ever" and "I love the '70s" wrapped into one! With judge Hal Sparks and Prosecuting Attorney Michael Ian Black!


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