Saturday, September 03, 2005

Go Kanye!

So last night NBC had some big star studded benefit concert to raise money for the hurricane victims. Most of these celebs are well trained and stayed right on their scripts. Thankfully, Kanye West wasn't one of those well behaved celebs.
West and Mike Myers had been paired up to appear about halfway through the show. Their assignment: Take turns reading a script describing the breach in the levees around New Orleans.

Myers: The landscape of the city has changed dramatically, tragically and perhaps irreversibly. There is now over 25 feet of water where there was once city streets and thriving neighborhoods.

(Myers throws to West, who looked extremely nervous in his super-preppy designer rugby shirt and white pants, which is not like the arrogant West and which, in retrospect, should have been a tip-off.)

West: I hate the way they portray us in the media. You see a black family, it says, "They're looting." You see a white family, it says, "They're looking for food." And, you know, it's been five days [waiting for federal help] because most of the people are black. And even for me to complain about it, I would be a hypocrite because I've tried to turn away from the TV because it's too hard to watch. I've even been shopping before even giving a donation, so now I'm calling my business manager right now to see what is the biggest amount I can give, and just to imagine if I was down there, and those are my people down there. So anybody out there that wants to do anything that we can help -- with the way America is set up to help the poor, the black people, the less well-off, as slow as possible. I mean, the Red Cross is doing everything they can. We already realize a lot of people that could help are at war right now, fighting another way -- and they've given them permission to go down and shoot us!

(West throws back to Myers, who is looking like a guy who stopped on the tarmac to tie his shoe and got hit in the back with the 8:30 to La Guardia.)

Myers: And subtle, but in many ways even more profoundly devastating, is the lasting damage to the survivors' will to rebuild and remain in the area. The destruction of the spirit of the people of southern Louisiana and Mississippi may end up being the most tragic loss of all.

(And, because Myers is apparently as dumb as his Alfalfa hair, he throws it back to West.)

West: George Bush doesn't care about black people!

(Back to Myers, now looking like the 8:30 to La Guardia turned around and caught him square between the eyes.)

Myers: Please call . . .

UPDATE: Crooks & Liars has the video!


Blogger Silent Bob said...

I didn’t see the show but my husband and I know Mike and he may have alfalfa hair but he’s not dumb.
On the contrary he’s incredibly witty. He uses humor to diffuse tense situations.
When his father Eric died of Alzheimer’s he reacted the same way the article just described. His self-defense mechanism is humor. Make a funny remark.
The problem is when the situation is serious people like Mike don’t know how to react so it appears he followed the script.

I don’t know who Kanye West is but am glad he made a stand but please don’t begrudge Mike. Most of us would behave like a deer in the headlights on a stage like that.
Kanye should have went on by himself instead of ambush Mike like that or at least give him a heads up.

9/04/2005 05:50:00 AM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

I'm a huge fan of Mike too. I think he's one of the comic geniuses of our time. And I would have to agree with you on the fact that he was completely blindsided by Kanye going completely off script. I didn't write the article, I just cut and pasted it. Kanye West is a rapper/producer. I'm not particulary familiar with his stuff, though I'd probably recognize it if I heard it.

9/04/2005 07:09:00 AM  
Anonymous steve said...

Here is a link to a "Thank You Kanye West" banner, which I found at

I don't think we should worry too much about the role of Mike Myers, I think he was simply taken aback by the departure from the script.

However, I have found from talking to many of white friends and family members, that they act almost as baffled when race is brought up in regard to New Orleans. It is interesting how some people are not ready to hear that the poor Black population of New Orleans was neglected by our government. Yet, for others of us, everything we see in the news coverage points to racial inequality.

9/04/2005 08:44:00 AM  
Blogger Snoop said...

I’m amazed that when these rappers are talking about killing, raping, talkin’ about bitches and hoes you white folks wonder gee that sounds harsh....why does he rap about such things?

But when he speaks out about the prez then all of a sudden he is some sort of fucken hero?
You liberal types kill me. You folks were not even thinking about those po black folks before all of this.
L.T. you live across from a city where black are equally worse off.
You people were falling at the feet of Cindy Sheehan a week ago, NOW you care what happens to black folks?
Some of you white people NEVER talk to, can’t relate to, and don’t understand black folks.
You probable work with some, but I doubt you ever say anything to them.
And don’t give me this “some of my best friends are black” crap either.
Because you have been forced to look at them on CNN or FOX and you see the suffering and pain you have a run of white liberal guilt?
C’mon people, who are you kidding!?

9/04/2005 06:35:00 PM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Snoop, have you fogotten to take your meds again? Kanye West isn't exactly 50 Cent. He seems to have more of a social conscience, and I've been paying attention since I heard about his song about the diamond industry. I don't think he's a hero, but I tend to have more respect for somebody who isn't afraid to tell it like it is than for people who just keep making excuses for the same old bullshit. And how are your generalizations about liberals any different than the generalizations you accuse us of making?

9/05/2005 07:15:00 PM  
Blogger Silent Bob said...

When I hear rappers talking about anything I turn the channel because talking angry to a beat isn’t music.
I like my music to resemble, oh what’s that word, oh yeah…music!

I also can’t take the assault on the English language. That’s by all people from all cultures and backgrounds regardless of race.
Especially when people (take the Black Eyed Peas for example) speak perfectly well in private then resort to the “yo, yo hommie” crap when the mic is turned on.
The drug induced language that Snoop Dog created is equally offensive to me.

I’ll support your right to embrace stupidity because I am my own censor control board.

That said with all your racist remarks and illogical comments regarding people of a “liberal” mindset we do agree on one thing.

I’ve never given any thought to poor (learn how to write moron) black people. Want to know why?

I don’t see them as black people. To me they’re just people. People deserving of compassion and help that have been abandoned by this administration.

The reasoning for this abandonment may have something to do with race but my compassion for the plight of the victims doesn’t.

You see “snoop”, you’re the racist here.
Ironically I don’t feel a single pang of guilt because I didn’t vote for this administration.

And believe it or not I have the ability to feel compassion for a white mother who’s suffering from the needless loss of her son in Iraq while simultaneously felling for people in the Gulf States.
It’s not one or the other. Unlike conservatives or the media I have the ability to do more than one thing at a time.

Snoop, why do you feel so much ill will towards Cindy Sheehan? Does race have anything to do with it?

Admittedly I’m in Canada and we’re about 100 years ahead of the US when it comes to minority rights and race relations so maybe my American friends feel differently than I do.

The only time I think of myself as a straight white woman is when other people display their own bigotry when falsely accusing me of being like others they have met.

Please don’t project past experiences of racial prejudice on me.

9/07/2005 10:23:00 AM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Silent Bob, good points, except about rap. Like any musical genre, there's some really good stuff swiming in a sea of shit. I highly recommend you at least download the first few Public Enemy albums before throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

9/08/2005 06:45:00 AM  

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