Friday, September 09, 2005

How to Clean up Katrina? With Cheap Labor, of Course!

We've got a big mess on our hands in New Orleans and it's going to take billions of dollars to clean up. With Bush's war of choice raging in Iraq and hemohaging money, and with tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, it looks like it's going to be tough to pay for that. But since after all the city is predominantly African-American and the majority of the destruction was in the poorest of neighborhoods, Bush has a suitable plan to help make this reconstruction a little bit cheaper... pay the people less money to reconstruct! It's not enough that Halliburton will be profiting from this disaster too. Noooooo, they need to maximize their profits by shafting the workers. I'll bet anything that the executives in charge of this job will be making the prevailing wages though.


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