Thursday, September 01, 2005

Konservatism for Kids!

Not content just to warp their children's minds with Bill O'Reilly's kids' book, those wonderful folks on the right have put out a children's book to indoctrinate them in the ways of liberal bashing at a nice early age. They claim that this is in response to children's books with liberal bias, but do any of those books actually attempt to teach kids that life is unfair because of conservatives? I think not.

And in other news of right wingnuttery, apparently God brought forth storms and flooding to New Orleans as a pre-emtive strike against the gay mardi-gras.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure you feel oh-so superior being gay don't you? HA!

When reality hits, S.F. will make N.O. seem like nothing in comparison.

You and your butt buddies days are numbered because of your selfish defiance, so live it up while you can, or come to your senses and be saved.

But Hurry, this offer won't last long.

9/01/2005 11:35:00 AM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the average Bush supporting moron. Too chickenshit to stand by their words, they post anonymously. So warped by the most idiotic parts of their mythology that they think the idea of god's wrath on people who do things they don't like is hunky dory. And so dumb that they assume anyone who doesn't agree with them about that and lives in San Francisco must be gay. Congratulations anonymous. It's been kind of a slow week for rightwing asshats, so you are rightwing asshat of the week!

9/01/2005 11:46:00 AM  
Blogger Chandira said...

Well, we should just come out with a "Conservatives are hiding under my bed' book, which would be far scarier, and probably not suitable kids material.. lol

9/01/2005 12:12:00 PM  
Blogger Chandira said...

LOL.. Awesome comment anon.. very smart, kind, and sweet, just the sort of thing to attract us to your way of thinking..

9/01/2005 12:13:00 PM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Chandira, a book like that would be fun to write and definitely very scary for kids, but I'm torn on the idea. On one hand, who would want to drop to their level. On the other, if it's a war for the hearts and minds of our children, we should be prepared to fight them every step of the way.

9/01/2005 12:31:00 PM  
Blogger Chandira said...

Yes, I htink that's what their criticism is of liberals, that we're all a bunch of big wusses.

9/01/2005 01:44:00 PM  
Blogger Right On! said...

" Ladies and gentlemen, meet the average Bush supporting moron."

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet a person who can't keep themselves from lumping a whacko in with the rest of a political party! He's so blind, he'd PROBABLY lump Hillary Clinton in with the Republican Party because she doesn't fall lockstep in line with the hyper left.

9/02/2005 02:14:00 PM  
Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Righ on, in case you haven't noticed, I don't exactly have a whole lot of respect for folks who support Bush. I may tend to exagerate from time to time, but that's because I have a genuine dislike for people on your side of the aisle. Duh.

9/02/2005 06:15:00 PM  
Anonymous drunken older woman said...

You're in no position to be making offers of salvation, anonymous.

9/03/2005 12:33:00 AM  

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