Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dammit Ramsey, you're not helping here!

Ramsey Clark, you're not doing us folks on the anti-war left any favors by joining the Saddam Hussein defense team. What the hell are you thinking? Granted, we had no business going to war in Iraq. The intelligence used to justify the invasion was quite badly doctored, and the highest levels of the Bush administration played some very dirty politics with anyone who dared to speak out about that. Those of us on the left who have been opposing this war since the getgo have been accused of everything from loving Saddam, to hating America. And your joining the defense team of a murderous US puppet dictator gone bad does not exactly ease that stereotype as the support for this war declines even amongst republicans. Like anyone, Saddam deserves a fair trial, and hopefully lots of evidence will come out in the trial to show that he was propped up for decades by the US (including many current members of the Bush administration) who enabled his use of chemical weapons against the Iranians and the Kurds. I'd love to see Donald Rumsfeld on the stand explaining that famous handshake photo. But even if it is your goal to bring down everyone in the US that helped turn Saddam into the monster he was, you do this at the expense of the entire anti-war movement. Could there have possibly been somebody else who could have taken that job who is not part of the anti-war movement? Johnny Cochrane might be dead, but Dershowitz is still around.


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