Thursday, February 09, 2006

Protest This

So while the Middle East demonstrates their sense of humor by burning down embassies over a fucking cartoon, why not throw a little gasoline on the fire with this? Muslims of the world, consider that you're alienating the only people in the West who have defended you by saying that your entire religion should not be blamed for the actions of your lunatic fringe by demonstrating your intolerance for free speech. Your freedom to practice your religion ends where the free speech of others begins. This comment on Metafilter pretty much sums up how I feel about all of this:
Religion, all religion, needs to be mocked in a free society, for the embarrassment it is. Religion deserves freedom, but it doesn't deserve "respect", quite the opposite. And the more backwards and insane the adherents of any religion are, the more they demand that unbelievers have to respect their tiresome idiot beliefs, the more those beliefs deserve to be mocked. This just isn't for Muslims, the more Jerry Falwell, George Bush, etc. demand we all pay lip service to their ugly superstitions, the more necessary it becomes that South Park and Kevin Smith and Andres Serrano and Marilyn Manson and Richard Dawkins, etc, etc, step up their campaigns to mock and denigrate these outdated beliefs.


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