Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Poor Tom!

If anybody is still reading this thing now that I've all but given up politics for diaper changing, every now and then I see a headline that I just need to comment on and I actually have a free moment to do it. This is one of those times. Poor Tom Delay. Forget that he has given a face to political corruption of today. Forget that he's at the end of the row of dominoes that are falling one by one in this massive influence peddling scandal. Forget that his once promising political career is ending in embarrassment. He's really the victim in all of this. Yep, whenever a member of the "personal responsibility" party fucks up, the first thing you hear about is "the politics of personal destruction." Yeah, it had nothing to do with him being a corrupt scumbag for years, it's just those mean democrats who are pointing and calling names. And while we're on the topic of DeLay headlines, here's a great one: DeLay Departing on his Own Terms. What kind of imbecile considers taking the ball and going home because you know you're just going to lose the game anyway while you wait for your inevitable conviction and sentence to a federal pound you in the ass prison to be their own terms?

Anyway, enough with the politics. It may be another month before I post anything here again, so enjoy this rare acoustic performance of the reunited Judas Priest.


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