Thursday, May 04, 2006

It must be a good day to be a republican

Sure, your president is doing badly in the polls and he's dragging the whole party down with him in the midterm elections with every new bodybag coming back from this war that he lied us into and every time Americans get raped at the gas pump. Sure, top level republicans are going down in flames of corruption scandals and in the Plamegate investigation. But hey, did you hear that Ted Kennedy's son got in a car accident? Have fun with this. You need a little fun after years of making excuses for the worst administration ever.

And now for something completely different, I'd like to offer a warm San Francisco Liberal welcome to my new blog renter, The Kibitzer. This blog is an intelligent analysis of current events with a journalistic feel to it. It's kind of like what this blog would be like if I could ever resist being a snarky sarcastic bastard who could get out a post without dropping f-bombs or references to sex acts. Anyway, please give my tennant some blog love by clicking that thumbnail to the right.


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